Claudia Rodriguez. “Invisible Stitching”

The important thing is that it is wearable

In this case the exhibition pretends to make a portrait of different aspects of modern society where image has been replacing essential values in favor of a polymorphous power structure which controls economy, politics, society, and of course the minds of the people.

Garments are used as a metaphor of identity or the absence of it as mass production in the culture of the people, the function or utility loose value facing the uncontrollable social compulsion that represents unbridled consumerism like in the tale from Hans Christian Andersen “ The New Suit of the Emperor” we are all part of this collective ignorance, this way the slogan “ It is a luxury but I think I deserve it” can be taken like a didactic and illustrative example of the needs created by modern society and Global ideology.

The Museum script interacting with the objects in relation with the space imitates the scenography from the luxury department stores and blends with the aspects of the gallery, the atmosphere then provokes an intentional confusion store-gallery-gallery-store.

Each room of the exhibition has a name and a concept related with the theme, Torso Cloak Materials from a Garment, Up to the Neck, Matter of Fists, each functioning like a guide principle and direction of the speech together with their color and texture, the garments loose also their shape and appear like a sort of disfigured lump a statement of a denunciation of a society and an amorphous sense of humanity.

In a sort of palindromic gesture the deconstruction of the word shirt leads us to form the word my house ( camisa shirt and mi casa my house in Spanish) the hem the stowage of a garment suggests a structure a construction made by petrified containers already empty of the contents that inhabited it emphasizing the absurdity of the process of accumulation the blocks and the octagonal shapes work as a formal analogy of the phenomena of standardizing and collective manipulation, the materials chosen associate with construction as well as building an imposed identity after losing our own.

Shoes originally “foot bags” comply a functi