About Iván Buenader
Iván Buenader’s work seeks to abolish language and at the same time it is supported by it.
It has dependence on the signs. It goes to original thinking, not ideas. Overvalue the symbols to devalue them. Direct messages to intuition, not reason.
Rachel Olvera

Graduated in Bachelor of Systems Analysis, diploma of honor ( University of Buenos Aires – Faculty of Engineering ).
He wrote 10 novels ( ‘I will deny everything’, ‘La desmesura’, ‘The inadequate’, ‘Relapso’ ) and 6 books of poems ( ‘Poems to read well fart’; ‘Elusive’ ).
He made photography, video , performances (Teatro de Puebla; FIL de Guadalajara; Centro Cultural España in Mexico; Hotel Fiesta Inn Centro Histórico; Mexican-American Cultural Center; Long Center for the Performing Arts; MACO 2005) and interdisciplinary projects such as CFW Poet Agency (which summoned more than 60 artists and was presented in 9 different spaces).

Individual exhibitions :
FUTURA Galerie des Artistes (Puerto Vallarta) 2019; Brain Clouds (SometimeStudio, Paris) 2017, Monochromatic Fantasy (Lizieres, Epaux-Bezu), A house full of boxes is a place full of secrets (CentralTrak residence, Dallas TX) 2015, Face down on the sun (Museum of Contemporary Art of Aguascalientes, Mexico) 2014

Group exhibitions : FUTURA Alc Video Art Festival (Alicante) 2019; Untitled (Omar Alonso Galería, Puerto Vallarta) 2019, we the people (Montalvo Arts Center), Mikaela (San Miguel de Allende) , Studio Lisboa 018, La Verdi Mexico , CDMX, 2018, Rosadea (Play Video Art, Corrientes Capital), Processes in art (Chancellery Museum, CDMX), Luck of the Draw (DiversWorks, Houston TX), Hotel x Hotel (Carmen Thyssen Museum of Malaga, Malaga and Factory of Art and Development, Madrid) 2017, Machemoodus (La 77, CDMX), In the lobby (Liliana Bloch, Dallas TX), Les sentiers de la création (Galerie du Lycée Jean de La Fontaine, Château-Thierry, and Gallerie du College Jacques Cartier, Chauny, France) 2016, AAMI Foundation (Mexico City ) , Tell me what you think of me (Texas State University Galleries) 2015, Then / Now / Next, (Gladstone Hotel, Toronto) , Floating Memories (WhiteSpider Project) 2014, Imaginary Archetypes (57th Alley) , Be or Not South (José Luis Cuevas Museum, Museum of the City of Querétaro, Museum of Art of Ciudad Juárez, Museum of Art Co Time of Tamaulipas), Argenmex (Centro Bella Época), Inheritance (MACA Alicante, Hospicio Cabaña, GACX Xalapa, La Esmeralda, Art Careyes, Lakeeren Mumbai, Cloister Sor Juana, among others), Transitios (Changarrito group show, Artpace, San Antonio TX) 2013; Migrant Suitcases (Memory and Tolerance Museum, DF; David J. Guzman Museum, El Salvador; European Foundation Center Philanthropy House, Brussels; CECUT, Tijuana; New Americans Museum, San Diego CA), Side by Side (Universidad Iberoamericana), En mi being eternal (La 77), Mexico; Timeline Project, Chicago; 2012; International Biennial of Banners , Tijuana 2010, International Biennial of Visual Poetry , Mexico 2009; Close UP , Mexico 2007; Domestic Mail , Galerie Nod, Prague 2007; Half Mast, Haydee Rovirosa, NYC 2007, Interregno , Art & Idea, Mexico 2006; Harto Espacio , Montevideo, 2004.

Artistic residences:
 FUTURAS Bogliasco Foundation (Genova, Italy), Hangar (Lisbon, Portugal), 2019; Aguacate (Puerto Vallarta), 2018; Montalvo Arts Center (Saratoga CA), 2017-2018; Montalvo Arts Center (Saratoga CA), 2017-2018; CentralTrak (Univ. Texas in Dallas), Lizieres (Paris), 2015; What about art? (Mumbai, India), 2013.

He taught artistic production workshops (UNESCO, Zapopan and Fundación Cuervo, Tequila), poetic experimentation (Centro Cultural España Córdoba, FIL Mining), and guest artist (ENPEG La Esmeralda, CDMX).
He writes works and room texts for contemporary art exhibitions (Máximo González, Rafael Uriegas, Alan Vargas, Marina Sábato, Rosa Skific, María García Ibáñez, Gabriela Bettini, Victor of the Castellanos Palace, Changarrito Project, Carlos Santos).
He published in anthologies: The darkness that beats in the background; Simple pendulum movement; Chilango-Andaluz; Thistle 5 years .
Published in magazines: Blanco Móvil , Away from the Homeland (by Ma. Fernanda Reyes Retana); Urban Magazine , Milan; Nierika (art magazine of the Univ. Ibero), Gazette of the FCE, CDMX; Oxid, Berlin; Carboneras Festival, Spain; Las Europas, El varapalo, Mexico-Spain ; Conceptual, Argentina.

Published in books : Windgallen (María García Ibáñez), Operation Manual , essay for Ricardo Rendón, The Jumex Collection Foundation; I will deny everything , Ed. Letritas del Changarrito; Magnificent Warning , published by Rubin Center for the Visual Arts.
He attended literary creation workshops with Raquel Olvera, Raúl Renán and Pedro Pablo Martínez.
He participated in the cultural radio program Urban Amplitude with Daniel González Marín, Tu Voz Radio; ArteGalia, Alicante, with Lidya Na, and contributed texts for the play “Online, love at the first bit” by María Villalonga and the script “Without letting go of the thread,” short film by Máximo González.

Organizes and participates in book readings and presentations : Centro Cultural España (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mexico), FIL Mining, FIL de Guadalajara, CERESO (Puebla prison), Librería El Sótano, Cloister Sor Juana, FIL Oaxaca, University Museum of Poplar, House of the Poet Ramón López Velarde.
Lectures and conferences on his work: Policies and Poetics of participatory art in Mexico, Amparo Museum, Puebla, 2017; German School Alexander von Humboldt, CDMX, 2016; Pedro Meyer Foundation, CDMX, 2015; Guest artist workshop, La Esmeralda, 2015; NUIT Talks, Toronto, Oct 2014; among other.
He works in the coordination of projects Changarrito ( www.proyectochangarrito.blogspot.com ), Letritas del Changarrito (www.letritasdelchangarrito.blogspot.com) and the artist Máximo González ( www.maximogonzalez.info ).
He built the blog www.lonegaretodo.blogspot.com over 10 years, which has 2,870 posts.