Born in Mexico City his main art studies were painting photography and architecture, the last two had a great influence in his interest in the aesthetics of movement and body expression, taking it to the limits of anatomical movement, were the beauty of forms sometimes differ with the possibilities the body can achieve with certain postures, poses or expressions.
These remarkable details make his works unique.

Matter has its own expression though volume creates texture space and color giving the possibilities to play with shape and movement, this gives his work a unique “Concept of Volume” the use of materials like bronze and polymers allow him to play with the colors that can accentuate and balance the strength and force of each piece, keeping the quality of concept using the ancient art of sculpting to express and modify the environment. 

2017- 2020: Galeria Omar Alonso, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
2019: Collective Exhibition “ Manifesto Emergente Divergente” Baga Gallery Mexico City.
2016: Collective exhibition “ Intervención de Muebles Antiguos” for Children International Mexico ,in Mexico City.
2011 -2013: Galería Misrachi,Ciudad de Mexico, México.
2007 “ Eros y Tanatos”, Sálon de la Plástica Mexicana, Ciudad de México, “Lo espiritual en el arte” Salon de la Plástica Mexicana , Ciudad de México.
2003: “Genesis “ Galería Tere Hass, Ciudad de México, Mexico.

The billionaire magazine, Galería p.p73-75 special edition 17th anniversary MEX/ EEUU:

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